Government of Sikkim have initiated the Paragliding Sports in Sikkim past many years, Initially the Pilots of today were sent to get training in various Paragliding schools of India in Manali, Himachal Pd and also in Pune in Maharastra. Later when they came back to the state some of them went back to the same areas to learn more and become trained pilots for Solo and Tandem Flights and some went to Nepal, where they got more training and became professional trained Tandem Pilots.

Today most of them have come back to Sikkim and have started doing the paragliding sports in Sikkim through a registered organization from the Government of Sikkim. There are some of areas where you can fly and have ariel view of Gangtok and adjoining villages in East Sikkim and also in Chyakhung West Sikkim.

Paragliding Sports have also been started in the nearby Darjeeling and Kalimpong areas.


 Tandem (Dual) flights:

This is for people who want to enjoy the paragliding sport but does not know how to fly paraglider. The passenger is taken for flight by one of our Tandem Pilot, where the passenger has to only sit in the harness and enjoy the purest form of flying.

We operate tandem flights from the following sites:

 i) Gangtok Area (East Sikkim)

a) Fly 1: High Fly ( Mountain Range Aerial view) *weather permitting Takeoff point: Bulbuley Dara( 2200mts) Landing zone: Reshithang Sports Ground ( 1100mts) Flight time: 15-25 mins minimum Rate: Rs4200/ person

b) Fly 2: Medium Fly ( Gangtok aerial view) Takeoff point: Ani Gumpa( 1450 mts) Landing zone: Reshithang Sports Ground( 1100mts) Flight time: 5-7 mins Rate: Rs 2200/ person

ii: Chakung ( West Sikkim)

Fly 1: High Fly Takeoff Point: durpiney Dara(1100mts) Landing zone: Jorethang(700 mts) Flight time: 20-30 mins minimum Rate: Rs 5200/person

2: Paragliding Tours We offer paragliding tours to visiting pilots. We take them to different flying sites, within Sikkim, Kalimpong, and Darjeeling.


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NEEPUN TRAVELS AND TOURS  is a company which was established in 2008 by a group of travelers and professionals, a initiative taken to provide an excellence quality in services along with customer satisfaction, safety and security.

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